Product Categories

  • Elevation Inclinometer

    After many tests and trials with different inclinometers, we have finally selected one that works 100% fine. From now on, we will have in stock as an option to the ARS-USB, an inclinometer which can be ordered separately. The inclinometer is one of the best options for homemade elevation systems based on an actuator – used in satellite TV. An actuator is a system with endless motor, which allows to manufacture very robust and powerful for elevation systems, and that through this inclinometer will feedback its position to the ARS (0 to 90º) Read more
  • Windows 10 – ARSVCOM

    The ARSVCOM program use an ActiveX component called: MSCOMM32. This ActiveX is used by the ARSVCOM and other programs/tools included with the ARS Product as ARSConf or Teleloader to have access to the communications port COM.

    MSCOMM32 is a Microsoft module but unfortunately Windows 10 don’t support this component. Sincerely I cannot understand the reason since this ActiveX has worked Ok with previous O.S. as Windows 7 or 8.1 but Microsoft has decided not to support it anymore.

    During last weeks I have been looking for a solution and today we can announce that a new ARSVCOM V6.5 was released with a new ActiveX that is supported and works fine in Windows 10. This new ActiveX is not free or cheap, but it is the only solution that I could find

    MSCOMM32 component has been very popular for developers so it’s possible you will detect that some more program that uses a communication port will not work under Windows 10.

    Visit at Download Area for this latest ARSVCOM compatible with Windows 10.